Sep 15 2006

After citizen journalism, why not citizen legislation?

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The BBC News website is one of the most interactive mainstream news portals. It actively encourages ‘citizen journalism’, variously exhorting its readers to email photographs, share their experiences and send in comments. And as is now the norm, each story carries a “email this to a friend” link at the bottom.

From the click-through data, the BBC then cunningly compiles a rolling “Top 5 most emailed” table, which inhabits the bottom right corner of the front page. I think this is rather clever and, mindful of the need to keep up with the news that floats the general public’s boat, I make a point of reading each of the day’s Top 5 before continuing on to the rest of the site.

One particular story has been number one on the ‘most emailed’ list for this entire week, indicating that this is the story to email your friends at the moment. It’s the news equivalent of those awful songs that hit the top of the charts and just won’t go away – , ,

And the title of the news story in question?

Sudan man forced to marry goat’, of course.

What on earth this says about the news preferences of the bald-headed man at the back of the Clapham omnibus I honestly don’t know – do we all really prefer this to actual news?

Bear with me for a moment, because as the next step from citizen journalism, I’d like to suggest … Citizen Legislation.

I know we already have Private Members’ Bills, Early Day motions and the like, which allow our elected representatives to steer the legislative agenda to a certain extent. But how about genuine civic participation in the legislative process?

We need a website where the public can vote (and email their friends) on the law they’d most like to see passed. And, at the beginning of each session, the most popular choice gets tabled.

Our MPs would, of course, be more than free to shoot the proposed legislation down at that point. But what if the resultant Bill did, against all odds, actually propose something sensible? Like serious action on climate change and renewable energy, for example? Or bringing in proportional representation?

After all, in amongst the interminable or number ones, there’s the occasional flash of brilliance. Perhaps Citizen Legislation might just come up with the legislative equvalent of the Scissor Sisters?

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