Oct 02 2006

Career-limiting emails and Noel Edmonds

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I’m surprised more blogs haven’t commented on the / / emails, which started to circulate on Friday afternoon. Hats off to … The World’s Leading … and Renaissance Chambara for picking up the baton and saving me the trouble of reproducing the exchange here.

The emails speak for themselves, really – a foot-shooting episode to rival that of a couple of months ago and another reminder, if one were needed, that it could be any of us, at any time, if we’re not careful. Given that one of the cc recipients is Ian Hall from I’ll be interested to see their take on this, if any, come Thursday.

One further observation: there’s a delicious irony in these emails breaking cover on the same day as Mark Borkowski sprinkled a little spice on ’ 186mph, 4.30am, exploits, by letting slip (intentionally, perhaps, Mark?) that the bearded comeback kid was, in fact, at the time …

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