Oct 26 2006

If it floats your boat …

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Over on my sidebar there’s a link list entitled “5 most read” – a concept I shamelessly stole from David.

I like the idea for two reasons. Firstly it should (hopefully) drive a bit more traffic. And secondly, it’s rather instructive to find out what you’re all reading.

Up until last week, my top five most read posts were:

1 – Whatever happened to Bird ‘Flu?
2 – Scratching a little deeper … and leaving Tony alone
3 – Scientific breakthrough or monumental PR stunt?
4 – A blog is for life …
5 – Reduce, reuse, recycle – yes, it’s hip to be green

But last week I took another look at the stats and revised the sidebar, and a funny thing’s happened.

The top two remain the same. ‘A blog is for life‘ moves up from 4th to 3rd. But – and here’s the killer – Noel Edmonds and Mr Blobby are straight into the chart at number 4, kicking Freecycle off the list altogether.

Well, if that’s what you want to read, I shall do my best to come up with similar pearls of devastating insight. But I have to say, I’m just a wee bit disappointed that some of my personal favourites – Newsweek, Citizen Legislation and Blogs Need Comments, aren’t higher up the rankings.

Just out of interest, here’s the current top ten:

1 – Bird Flu
2 – Tony
3 – A blog is for life
4 – Borkowski
5 – Steorn
6 – Freecycle
7 – Newsweek
8 – Charles Dunstone
9 – Builders
10 – Apostrophe

Of course if you’ve a personal favourite that isn’t in the top ten (and someone must have found Gaun Yersel Billy! funny), you’ll just have to persuade all your mates to read it, won’t you …?

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