Oct 27 2006

Firefox 2, IE 0

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A bit of a Friday tech roundup.

MacExpo‘s on – I hope to get over there either this afternoon or tomorrow. Very exciting.

Lots of hullabaloo this week about Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox v2. But really, it’s a no-brainer. Microsoft‘s latest does nothing to tempt me away from Firefox, and people are finding holes in IE7 already. The clincher for me is the ‘find text’ function – one that I use all the time, and the Firefox implementation is sooooo much slicker than in IE. Firefox ‘just works’ in such a way that it’s almost Mac-like.

Ah yes, the Mac. I love my Macs. All five of them. I just wish we could use them in the office. This week as an experiment I’ve been using Firefox v2 instead of Safari as the default browser on my MacBook Pro. It doesn’t look as slick, but its plugin implementation is way better. And as yet I’ve not come across anything that’s made me want to switch back to Safari. So I think I’ll stick with it – I can always install Firefoxy to get the look I’m after.

Now, if only Mozilla could channel as much effort into improving Thunderbird.

Apple’s pro laptops went Core2 this week, which makes my beloved machine yesterday’s technology. But honestly, how much power do we really need? I can do 75% of what I need on my trusty old hot-rodded Pismo, which is why I refuse to get rid of it.

Vista‘s been delayed again. Oh.

Jon Johansen looks to have succeeded where legislators have (thus far) failed, by rendering DRM redundant. And what’s he going to do with his invention? License it of course. Oh, the irony.

And in other news, I hear Andy Taylor’s quit Duran Duran. I’m sure he has his reasons, but it’s a sad day nonetheless.

Clocks go back this weekend – woo hoo!

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