Oct 30 2006

That apostrophe again

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Clicking on the SLOB button on Leo’s blog the other day I ended up, a couple of clicks later, at the answer to the question with which I was wrestling a couple of weeks ago. And I was right, although perhaps for the wrong reasons.

Thanks to the marvels of the Way Back Machine
- a sort of Back to the Future of the internet, if you will – we can
witness the birth of the word “blog”. On 12th October, 1999, weblog became we blog
not through the application of an apostrophe, but thanks to a question
of pronunciation and the insertion of a simple space. If you’re
clicking through, scroll down a page or two and look at the “for what
it’s worth” box on the left.

So now you know. I should point
out, though, that as well as having (probably) coined the word “blog”
seven years ago, Peter writes some excellent stuff back in the
present. Well worth a look.

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