Dec 15 2006

Everybody’s makin’ it big but me

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Well I paint my face with glitter just like Bowie does
And I wear the same mascara that Mick Jagger does
And I even put some lipstick on,
But that just hurt my dad and mom
Everybody’s makin’ it big but me

There’s nothing like a Dr Hook lyric to kick off a blog post. But what am I on about?

Kate posted at the end of October about getting to the top spot on Google. Looking quickly down my Blogroll, Owen, Simon, Simon, Ian, Alex, Lydia, Chloe – not to mention pretty much all the H&K Collective Conversation bloggers – each and every one of them, when you type their name into Google, has their blog as the top search result.

Today I’m just thrilled about being at number five. It’s the highest I’ve been and, given that I’m about to take some time off for Christmas, I doubt I’ll get much higher any time soon.

I’m not bitter either. It’s not my fault I have the same name as a Broadway actor and a one-time Governor of Virginia. Number five’s good enough for me.

Not sure when I’ll be back – I’m out of the office, bar the odd fleeting visit, between now and January 4th. I suspect I’ll sneak the odd post in between now and then, though.

Happy holidays.

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