Feb 01 2008

Back to basics

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As is often the way, our schedule for the past couple of weekends has been largely dictated by our children’s social lives.

Our daughter, has been to two ‘limo parties’ in the past couple of weeks. Yes, apparently the latest thing for the 8 – 10 age group is to cruise the streets in a stretched Hummer, drinking sodas and watching movies.

Saturday, by contrast, saw us and son at a proper old fashioned children’s birthday party with traditional party games – pass the parcel, treasure hunt, that sort of thing, followed by sandwiches, crisps and cake. The sort of party we used to have when I were a lad.

I was pleasantly surprised as to which occasion the kids thought was more fun.

‘Back to Basics’ was an over-used phrase even before John Major espoused it in 1993. But in the age of the future shock, accelerating returns and technological singularity, it’s heartening to know that future world leaders still enjoy a good old game of musical chairs.

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