Feb 03 2008

What this blog isn’t

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Simon Dickson at Puffbox picked up on this blog last week and, in the process, introduced me to his excellent blog where, in his own words, he ‘rants and reflections on the unholy trinity of online news, e-government and the new politics.’

I’ll be following with interest.

Of this blog, Simon thinks

… it’ll be interesting to see what he feels able to say, from such a potentially sensitive position.

To which I should perhaps respond slightly more fully than I have on Simon’s blog.

Now. I’m not Civil Serf, and I’m certainly not Washingtonienne. I quite like both of them, though. But I’m not here to push the boundaries, to see how much I can get away with. Alas, if anyone’s here expecting forthright and perhaps controversial views on foreign policy they’re likely to be disappointed – I’ll leave that to the FCO Bloggers.

What I will say, though, is that later on this year I hope to revamp my Embassy’s website and, in the process, to add a lot more web2.0 content. The main FCO website has espoused blogs, YouTube clips and Flickr albums to great effect. We’ll be looking closely at how we in Moscow can follow the example.

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