Feb 12 2008

With friends like these

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The latest entry in Paul Staines’ “Guido Fawkes” blog must smart a little for Matthew Burchell.

I don’t know Matthew, I’ve never met Paul – although I like his blog, and we’ve spoken by ‘phone / email on occasion. Perhaps there’s some bad blood between the two, or perhaps Paul’s branding of Matthew as a Sad ex-SpAd Slacker on account of his Facebook status is just one of the former’s attempts to “create a more fun, gossipy and acerbic “anti-politics” form of commentary”.

Regardless, there’s a lesson to be learned here. Don’t put something on your Facebook page if you don’t want it to become public. And if, as many have, you’ve been through that phase of adding everyone you’ve ever met / swapped emails with / bumped into on Oxford Street as a ‘Friend’, perhaps you’d better have a rethink.

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