May 01 2008

Playing the (domain) name game

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Given my slightly more well-known namesake, I guess I was quite lucky to be able to grab the domain I’m using for this blog. has already gone, to a link farm who, if you believe the popups, want to give me not one, but two free iPods.

But what if the .org is not enough? Neville tells a cautionary tale of Shel Israel, who forgot to register his own dot-com and was parodied by a glove-puppet (with apologies to Hilaire Belloc).

Truth be told, I wasn’t sure about the whole .org thing. I very nearly went with a subdomain of wordpress or blogger. But having had my previous blog disappear for a couple of months for reasons beyond my control, I wanted to keep a hold of things this time around.

I did rather like the comfort-zone feeling that comes from being part of a corporate blog, though. I agree with Richard Bailey that anonymous corporate blogs aren’t that enticing, but the collegiality was a huge advantage, particularly to a novice blogger. Get stuck for something to say? Just bounce off your colleagues, add to the dialogue and you’re away. Out here on my ownsome it’s a little tougher, and I do sometimes wonder who’s listening. (at least StatCounter can answer that one).

I’ll stick with the .org, then. It’s portable – not that I have any intention of changing jobs in the immediate future – and it’s mine. Apparently I could have .info,, .tv and a whole host of others, too, but I don’t feel the need right now. Hope I’m right.

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