May 05 2008

But I just want my iPhone, Charlie.

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Lola appleNEW YORK.  We’ve been planning this trip for ages.  We’ve many purposes for being here – catching up with my big sister, shopping, sightseeing, and simply a much-needed break from Moscow.  And, of course, a visit to the Apple Store.

One of the possible motivations of said visit was to finally buy myself an iPhone.  I’ve been swithering for ages, but perhaps it’s finally time to give in to temptation.  

I’d tried to source one in the UK a couple of weeks ago, after O2 and Carphone Warehouse dropped the price of the 8GB model.  No joy – they’d sold out before I could get one.  No worries, I thought, I’ll get one in New York.

Apple Store, 5th Avenue, Saturday evening:  no iPhones.  So we left with a black MacBook and an Airport Express instead.  They may or may not be getting more in during the week (and I’ll be back for some more AirPort bits anyway).

AT&T store, TImes Square:  Yes, we have iPhones, but you’ll have to activate (and sign a contract) in-store.  Er … no thanks.  Oh, and the assistant was perhaps the rudest person I’ve encountered since we got here.

Perhaps I’m fated not to have one.  Perhaps I should be sensible and wait for the imminent 3G update.  But Russia doesn’t have 3G, so unless the update brought with it either GPS or a much better camera, I could live without it.  And there’s always the possibility that the update will break the existing unlocking tools.

Yesterday afternoon we were out and about in Central Park.  Strange absence of maps and signage – for us foreigners it’s rather easy to get lost.  Unless you’ve got a cellphone with Sat-Nav.  Perhaps my N95′s not quite so useless after all.  It takes good photos, too.

But, with apologies to the kids’ favourite TV show,

I just want my iPhone, Charlie …

confession:  that’s not an apple Lola’s holding, it’s a tomato.
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