May 09 2008

Worst Song … Evah!

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I feel the need to test WordPress’s ‘Blog by Email’ feature. And what better way than to comment on the utter awfulness that is the Delta International Lounge at JFK?

Sure, bits of Heathrow are just as architecturally grim. And the security here’s pretty much par for the course.

No, it’s the music in the Starbucksy bit which it truly awful.

Perhaps whoever was responsible for choosing today’s tunes has just gone through a particularly traumatic breakup, in which case they have my sympathy. But do we honestly need track after track of 80′s angst-ridden chick rock?

A couple of songs ago we had ‘Live to Tell’ – hardly Madonna’s finest hour, for a ‘Lucky Star’ kid such as myself.

But now we’re being assaulted – yes, assaulted – by ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’. Which, I’ve just concluded, has to be a pretty strong contender for the honour of  Worst Song … Evah.

Your nominations?

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