May 19 2008

Public Affairs News Awards, 2008

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rod_cartwright.jpg Received an interesting Facebook event notification this morning, inviting me to vote for Rod in this year’s PA News awards. He’s up for ‘Public Affairs Personality of the Year’.

The profiles of the three shortlisted candidates make interesting reading. Rod’s, to my mind, doesn’t do him justice. I don’t know ‘Anne Longfield OBE‘, but despite an interesting enough write-up there’s no photo. This makes me nervous. Lionel Zetter’s entry, though, is well worth a read, if only because he comes up with a true Rod-ism if ever I saw one:

of course there is good lobbying and bad lobbying, just like there is good sex and bad sex – but let’s face, it most of us would rather have bad sex than no sex at all!

I voted for Rod, of course. And you should too. Maybe if he wins we can persuade him to start blogging.

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