May 23 2008

Champions’ League aftermath

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Just had this emailed to me. Cruel, very cruel.

It was a good game, though. And more than that, Moscow did itself proud, and so did the visiting fans. Walking around the city over the past few days there’s been a real carnival atmosphere, from the Champions’ Festival in Red Square to the various bars and restaurants around the city who have welcomed the fans with open arms.

I didn’t make it to the stadium itself, but from what I hear the story there was very much the same – enjoyable, warm (not the weather …) and friendly. More than that, though, everything worked – in Red Square, at the airports, at the stadium, everywhere seemed to be run with the same calm, well-planned efficiency.

My sympathies to the Chelsea fans – my daughter included. And to the (minority of) British tabloid journalists who came here looking for a negative story, and had to go home empty-handed.  Perhaps you can write about the dozen or so Chelsea fans who were arrested on Fulham Broadway on Wednesday night, instead.

NB I’ve not credited the image above because I don’t know whose it is. It’s all over various footy-related fora, and even Sky News have shown it. It it’s yours, let me know and I’ll happily provide a link.

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