Nov 11 2008

MagSafe again

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One of the consistently popular search strings that brings people here – such is the diversity and intellect of my readership – is “aftermarket MagSafe”, landing people at my ‘MagFoolish‘ rant of March this year. So for those of you whose boat is floated by third-party attempts to circumvent Steve’s vice-like grip on Apple’s proprietary technology, look no further.

No further, that is, than good old eBay. For less than the price of a new MagSafe adaptor from Apple, I got two: one made out of a Mac Mini ‘brick’ PSU, and a natty Kensington travel thing that makes a funny noise when used with my MacBook Pro (but not with our black MacBook), and works on aeroplanes and in cars, too. Joy.

Oh, and thanks to a tip-off from Gizmodo, I got the original replaced at the Apple Store while I was in London. Well done, Steve. Who said people only write about bad service?

Now, if only you’d been as sympathetic about my dead Airport Express

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