Dec 30 2008

Thanks, Wayne

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FLORIDA – It’s worth interrupting my holiday to mention some good old American customer service.

I can’t, apparently, have AT&T’s tailored iPhone payg plan here because I don’t have a US bank account. Which is why I chewed my way through almost $30 of data in my first day here.

Enter Wayne, from AT&T’s call centre. Wayne rides a big Honda, hails from New Mexico but has British ancestry, and went to University late in life, ending up with a degree in British social history.

Wayne also spent almost an hour battling with AT&T’s bureaucracy on my behalf, and ended up bending the rules more than a little to give me an unlimited data bundle I’m not really supposed to have. But hey, willing buyer, willing seller – we’re both happy.

What a world away from the ‘computer says no’ culture we come across so often.

(Less impressed, by the way, with the service recovery at Universal when the ride we’d been queueing for broke.)

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