Oct 02 2012


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A musical question I’ve been pondering for a while.

Simon's Mum's Bluebird.  Well, one just like it.

Some twenty five years ago I was driven to school every morning by Simon’s Mum in a entirely unremarkable Nissan Bluebird very much like this one.

After a couple of years she got a new one which, apart from being red and having the dubious distinction of being built in Sunderland, was just as unremarkable.


Unless you’re a Fratelli.

My evidence:

Now Vince was a loner, a loveable stoner a ha
He lived in a Bluebird, spelled his name backward a ha  

–  Vince the Loveable Stoner


What’s this I once heard, you drive a Bluebird
Ya got no money for the petrol, that’s what I heard

–  Baby Fratelli


And in one of my favourite tracks, the poor Nissan got stolen and pranged:

And all the girls were weeping when we said
That their Bluebird days were dead

–  Dirty Barry Stole The Bluebird


So why the fascination?  Did ever a Toyota Corolla or Honda Accord inspire such affection?  I suspect not.


Perhaps what Dirty Barry really needed was one of these.







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