Jan 13 2008


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A very quick ‘n’ dirty ‘About’ page. It’s a little dry, for which apologies.

James Barbour is not at all related to the Broadway actor, nor the waxed jackets.  Perhaps distantly to the one-time governor of Virginia (there’s a passing resemblance). Of Scottish extraction, he was brought up in the South-East of England but feels most at home in Edinburgh.

He has been Press Secretary at the British Embassy in Washington since May 2011, but wants to point out that this blog is unofficial, personal, and does not (necessarily) represent the views of Her Majesty’s Government.  Previous blogs from previous incarnations are out there somewhere.

Tech bits: Made on a mac, hosted by SiteGround, running on WordPress. The theme is SeaShore from wordpressthemeshop.

The view, since a couple of you have asked, is the Hotel Ukraine reflected in the Moskva.  Until I get around to changing it for something more Washingtony.

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