Nov 29 2006

About that gift horse …

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It’s very nice, and quite shrewd, of Thresher to have dropped their 40% off voucher into the ether. It’s giving the viral marketing geeks loads to talk about, and more than a handful of blogs have picked it up.

But hang on a mo.

I live a few doors down from a Thresher – no, before you ask, that’s not why we bought the house. But I do patronise it fairly regularly. I enjoy the RAF stories of the gentleman who works there, and they sell a decent range of Ben & Jerry’s. Point being, ever since we moved in they’ve been doing three-for-two on all wine and champagne, an effective 33% off.

So, not to look a gift horse in the mouth or anything, but the 40% voucher is actually only worth 7.67%.

Still not a bad saving, but it doesn’t sound quite as viral as 40%, does it?

Pssst! If you want more vouchers … Selfridges GAP Borders

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