Dec 14 2006

An early New Year’s resolution

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We at H&K London had our Christmas party on Tuesday. A great bash it was, too, at the rather posh Tantra.

To get everyone in the party mood we kicked off at 5.30 in the H&K bar, with a little live music – provided by what has become known as the Barbour-Laurence duo. And you know what? We weren’t half bad.

The background to this, and the need for the New Year’s resolution, is that up until a couple of weeks ago I hadn’t touched my saxes (or my harps) for around seven years. But thanks to Andy Laurence persuading me to dust them off for Tuesday’s party, I’ve got the bug again.

The resolution, then, is to play a heck of a lot more music in 2007 than I did in 2006. Which won’t be hard …

Oh, and it would be grossly unfair of me not to link to the video of our Grads shaking their thang

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