Jan 10 2007


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They’ve done it again.

We thought it was going to be good, but this is absolutely phenomenal. The ’5 years ahead’ tagline, far from being dangerously hyperbolic, looks about right. No wonder RIM and Palm each took a 7% dive yesteday. Please, please, please, look at the website, watch the keynote if you’ve time. I thought I was impressed with the i-mate K-JAM I had for a bit last year, but now it seems frightfully old hat.

So when can I buy one? Please?

Let’s not forget the other exciting stuff from yesterday’s Stevenote, though. I mean, John Mayer! When did you last see John Mayer on stage with Bill Gates?

Mayer aside, the new 802.11n Airport Extreme looks good. I hope it doesn’t break like my Airport Express did, though.

And Apple TV looks pretty cool. But I’m not sure I need one as badly as I need an iPhone, – my current “media centre” project, based around an old (but upgraded) G4 tower still has a way to go.

Unsurprisingly there’s been a small amount of blogosphere bleating that some of the other expected announcements – a Leopard ship date, iLife and iWork 07, new desktop hardware and so on – didn’t materialise. But it makes sense – why compete (unsuccessfully) with the iPhone for media attention?

We’ll see the rest soon enough, I reckon. And in the meantime, wasn’t it nice of Microsoft to announce Office 2008 (for Mac) yesterday?


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