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Jan 04 2007

Blogging will eat itself. Maybe.

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NME suggested, in the mid-1980s, that Pop would eat itself. That hype and hyperbole ultimately crowds out originality, the hype implodes, resulting in a mainstream music culture that simply recycles the best existing ideas. My friend Mitch Benn puts forward much the same hypothesis, arguing variously that modern chart music either steals its sounds from the 1980s, or simply that everything sounds like Coldplay now.

And the connection with blogging, social media, web2.0 and all the other buzzwords?

Simply that I’m wondering if, and perhaps when, the blogging bubble will burst – or if in fact it already has. Apparently there are upwards of 25 million abandoned blogs out there – depending who you believe, anything up to 200 milion. How many of them started – and ended – in 2006?

Will blogging really eat itself in 2007? Gartner certainly seem to think so. But I’m not so sure. I think perhaps Richard’s heading in the right direction by suggesting that we’re ‘out of the early adopter phase and into the early majority’.

The BBC quotes Gartner’s David Plummer, at the end of 2006, thus: ‘most people who would ever start a web log have already done so’.

In 1899 Charles H Duell, US Commissioner of Patents, stated: ‘Everything that can be invented has been invented’.

Spot the similarity?

Social media, web2.0, call it what you will, it’s maturing and evolving so fast we can barely keep up. It’s only natural for blogging, the relatively primitive concept of a chronologically-ordered collection of articles, comments and opinions, to mature and evolve too.

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