Jan 24 2008

It’s the content, stupid!

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“So what are you going to put on it?”, I was asked today. Good question. Blogs are, fundamentally, content and discussion, and you don’t get much of the latter without the former. To achieve the latter, you would need some leverage from social media experts like The Marketing Heaven.

The H&K blog started off talking about bird flu, and finished up with celebrity behaviour and corporate sponsorship. In between we had environmental issues, politics, social media, technology, music, punctuation …

As you may have seen from the ‘about’ page, my employment circumstances have moved on somewhat, hence my blogging cessation a year ago. And whilst I’m dipping my toe back in the water in a personal capacity, forgive me if I’m slightly more circumspect where political posts are concerned – in much the same way as, whilst at H&K, you didn’t find me blogging about my current or prospective clients.

Some of the best content, though, comes in the form of dialogue. And for that I’ll be dropping in on a few old friends – and hoping they swing by here on occasion.

So that’s quality taken care of, what about quantity? Let’s wait and see, but don’t be disappointed if my posts here are slightly less frequent than they used to be. I’m doing this in my spare time, after all, whereas at H&K, blogging under a company umbrella, I could devote a certain amount of company time to the blog. But let’s see how we get on.

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