Jan 28 2008

So, how’ve you been?

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I promised on Friday that I’d be catching up with a few old friends. So, taking a look through my blogroll as it stood a year ago, how is everybody?

Sadly, a few have fallen by the wayside. One of my old favourites, …TheWorld’sLeading…, is on a seemingly-permanent hiatus, although Richard points out that at least part of TWL now works at Edelman. Blog@bilities vanished completely after a comparatively short lifespan, and Jeff has gone very quiet indeed. Perhaps no surprise, either, that Charles Dunstone‘s blog is now nothing more than a 404 error on the TalkTalk website.

From my former ‘Collective Conversations’ colleagues, Leo Bottary’s excellent Client Service Insights blog has sadly disappeared. So has Tim Fallon’s. Phil Turner hasn’t blogged since July and has now left H&K, but I hope he starts writing again soon. David, though, remains as insightful las ever and has even written a book, and I look forward to resuming dialogue with Bruno.

Of the PR students I’d been following (as in reading their blogs, not stalking them), Lydia went AWOL for several months but was back in December, Chloe tailed off in April, while Kate disappeared in May, popped up briefly in October and has gone quiet again. But on the up-side, Richard, Owen and Alex are all no longer students, and are forging ahead with both blogs and careers.

Plenty of others, too, are still going strong. Stuart, Simon and Stephen are still doing their respective PR things, while Guido and Bloggerheads are just like East Enders – you can tune back in after six months and feel like you’ve never been away. And on a personal note, Gecko3, Paul and Dom are still there too.

Now, as well as catching up, I want to expand my horizons. There are already a couple of new entries in my Blogroll, hopefully to be added to as I go along. All suggestions welcome.

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