Feb 14 2008

Stick this in your newsreader

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I mentioned the Blogoir of Charles Crawford, unconventional former Ambassador to Warsaw, Belgrade and Sarajevo, in ‘Links of the Week’ a couple of Fridays ago. It really is essential reading for, well, pretty much anyone who can read. And anyone who’s learning.

I’m mentioning it again here because he’s now added an RSS feed.

Like a large chunk of the blog-reading world my material comes sanitised, organised and collated thanks to a third-party aggregator – in my case Google Reader. I’ll happily admit that I got it wrong about RSS. When I first heard of it, back in 2001, I couldn’t quite see the point – but that was before I started reading blogs. Must have been a bad year for me; I thought the same about the first iPods, too.

Nowadays, though, RSS is essential if you want to keep up with a large number of newsfeeds. Which is why it’s great news that Charles has adopted it.

Don’t just subscribe to the feed, though – you’ll miss out on the first three weeks (and varaious other bits). Take a look at the site itself, and enjoy.

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