Mar 17 2008

Return of the Sinister Beard

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Looking through my Statcounter log today, I apparently had a visitor from Argentina in the early hours of yesterday morning. Not so unusual, thanks to the global nature of the internets and the Google. But this particular visitor is rather special.


Because he or she ended up at this post after googling the phrase “Sinister Beard”.

Which reminds me of Rod. Rod Cartwright, for those who haven’t been following, is a friend and former colleague of mine with a wise, amusing and eloquent turn of phrase. The blogosphere, thus far, is all the poorer without him.

Here’s an article Rod wrote for PRWeek the other day, on the regulation versus self-regulation debate currently surrounding the lobbying industry in the UK. It’s rather good, if a little lacking in Rod-isms.

C’mon, Rod. You know you want to.

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