Mar 31 2008

Links of the fortnight (and a bit)

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Sorry for the hiatus. Believe it or not, until I get my replacement MagSafe adaptor I’m spending very little time online – using the laptop on a coffee table (the only place I can jiggle the wire sufficiently to get it to work) gives me a sore back.

Anyway. Jumbo helping of links to make up for my silence …

Sex Scandal Cheat Sheet – from Matt Bors. Excellent.

BBC Micro, we salute you – 10 PRINT “JAMES IS SKILL” 20 GOTO 10

Beau Bo d’Or on the Beijing Olympics

Theo on Civilian vs Military friends – for Rob, Nicky & Ellie

Richard’s Top 5 PR films – Great list but, as others have said, Thankyou for Smoking has to be on there

Aggregating the Walled Gardens – Neville on the future of social networks and the barriers between them

EDM1245 – Total Politics magazine – Sprung!

Tim Ireland on SOCPA – Marcus, Sam, this one’s for you

Tim Marshall on the cost of war – harrowing

Downing Street twitters – whatever next?

Still number one on Google for ‘Sinister Beard’, too. Woot!

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