Apr 08 2008

Tweet tweet?

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Simon observes that, from Number Ten to Barack Obama, they’re all at it. Perhaps it’s just my rather small social networking and blog reading circles, but it seems like the political world’s going mad for Twitter.

I do wonder, though, what use much of it is. If you’re an Obama supporter, you may well sign up to his feed. But if you’re not, or of you’re undecided, why would you bother? More to the point, what proportion of America’s non-voters or floating voters (do the US have those?) are politically active enough to sign up to a potential President’s twitterings?

I signed up for Twitter ages ago, and then promptly forgot about it. I did have a BBC Breaking News feed being sent to my cellphone, but it seems to have broken. I’m just not sure it’s relevant for me right now. I don’t have GPRS so am not ‘always on’, and Facebook status updates take care of the keeping-up-with-friends side of what Twitter offers. Plus, and here’s the thing, none of my friends use it.

I’m not completely anti, though. I do think Twitter has its uses – maybe the concept just isn’t mature enough for we, the masses, to see them yet. And it must, therefore, be a Good Thing that the likes of our PM are Twittering.

In the future I can see Twitter as a replacement for clunky and costly SMS updates – flight arrivals, weather, travel advice and so on. And how about a Terminal 5 Twitter feed?

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