Apr 15 2008

All-rounders with time on our hands?

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So according to the BBC’s Justin Webb:

Truly the British foreign service is staffed with all-rounders with time on their hands…

I hate to conform to Justin’s stereotype, but I, too, knew that Thunderbirds was British. I suspect a quick straw-poll of ‘us’ would turn up a fair few more – dare I say a significant majority?

But I’m cheating. Firstly, I have a six year old son. So the words Thunderbirds are Go have been in the household vocabulary for a good while. The nine-year-old daughter who’s into Busted (who, by the way, are also British) probably has something to do with it too. And secondly, they filmed part of the remake at my old school (but perhaps I shouldn’t admit to that for fear of reinforcing another, altogether different stereotype).

But hang on. What’s this about time on their hands? Great, that’s OK then – I don’t fit the stereotype after all ;-)

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