Apr 18 2008

Raise the Titanic

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Much being made in the blogosphere this week of the PM’s decision to scrap plans for a Prime Ministerial ‘plane or two – coincident with his travelling to the US on a 757 owned by charter airline Titan Airways. (I wonder if they have a stewardess called Tina?)

Sky’s ‘Boulton & Co’ gives the ‘garish pimpmobile’ of a Seven-Five particular stick, although to be fair it’s all in the spirit of fun – more than one can say for some of their readers.

Egad. All it needs is a Playboy bunny on the tail to give it that extra touch of class.


image_4113.jpgHalf a mo, though. From the pictures on Titan Airways’ website, if you look at the whole thing, it’s not such a bad-looking craft after all. The white nose section sets off the dark fuselage rather nicely. And, having just watched the Beeb’s ‘Space Odyssey’ over the past couple of evenings, I’m down with the moon-of-Saturn allusion too.

So gaun yersel’, boss. The Garish Pimpmobile’s alright with me.

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