Jul 01 2008

Links of the … how long’s it been?

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I’ve been very remiss in sharing links lately. With apologies, here’s a few highlights:

EFI-x – run OS X on any old PC. Hardware issues here we come – but if it works on a tiny Vaio I’ll be tempted

Why “Old Etonian Simon Mann” is a twit – Gill Hornby in the Telegraph. Brilliantly insightful.

Charles Crawford on public sector and public service mawkishness. Priorities indeed.

Happy Birthday iPhone. Still loving mine, despite the awful camera. Interesting predictions here from The Reg.

Two great posts from Lords of the Blog. Compulsory voting – with (and only with) a box for ‘declared abstention’ – has been a hobby-horse of mine for some time. Not just for our (elected) representatives, but for all of us. Reading these convinces me even more. But would the electorate wear it?

Intel says ‘no’ to Vista. Me too.

Does anyone ever use ‘sharing buttons?’ asks Simon. I suspect he’s right. In fact I’d go a little further – do the majority of web users actually use the likes of Digg on a regular basis? Or is it just for small groups of like-minded geeks?

Stairway to Brand Heaven (or Hell) from David Armano, via Steve Clayton. A picture telling a thousand words – again.

… and finally, a little Aussie humour from Theo.

More later, perhaps.

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