Sep 08 2008

In with the LinkedIn crowd

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Simon Dickson wondered, earlier today:

simond isn’t putting any effort into LinkedIn. Should I be?

Good question, and one I’ve asked myself on occasion recently. Not that I’ve been losing sleep over it, but all the cool kids seem to be using it. So a few weeks ago I signed up. Bit of a palaver, but I got there in the end. And until today, I don’t think I’d looked at it since.

Simon’s tweet prompted me to take another look. I still can’t really see that it’s worth the effort.

My issue, I guess is that I’m not (a) looking for a job, (b) looking to hire, or (c) looking to sell my services. I like my job, I don’t plan on looking for another one for at least a year or two, and (thankfully) I don’t have any gaps in my team. And as far as my ‘clients’ are concerned, I’m a very happy monopolist.

So what am I missing?

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