Mar 21 2010

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-21

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  • Opening major UK Lifestyle Industries in 5 mins. Huge planning effort by our UKTI team, and it's all looking fabulous. #
  • RT @MarkRPritchard @redexile You can do it, Red! #
  • Thinking about buying a '75 Zhiguli 2103. Then subtle mods – Fiat twin cam, lower it a bit but keep it looking stock. Whaddyareckon? #
  • That's what I call keeping the faith. RT @jkerrstevens Despite every set back, I really, really enjoy working for gov. #
  • Interviewing five candidates today. One doesn't show, another pitches up two hours early. ?! #
  • About to make a speech on 'Alice in Wonderland' as it personifies perceptions of modern Britain. #
  • RT @foreignoffice "A journey well travelled – farewell": Grace Mutandwa's last FCO #blog from #Zimbabwe #
  • SVO C, on my way to Tbilisi. Via Kiev. Direct flight would have been really nice. #
  • Terminal blissfully quiet though. And the new lounge is nice. Forgot my UK – Europe mains adapter and the duty free don't have any. Grr. #
  • @v_at_l Good point – I'll stop complaining then! in reply to v_at_l #
  • @TFALO 1A :) #

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