May 07 2012

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-05-07

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  • Small businesses FTW – Allied Safe and Lock in Falls Church cut two keys for my #Vectrix for free because I supplied the blanks. #
  • One year ago today we arrived in the US, exhausted, and came here for pizza. (@ Pie-Tanza) #
  • Joined @UKinUSA a year ago today. I feel a blog post coming on. #
  • Heading to a rainy Nats game … #
  • Neither. Old Saab. RT @woyce: Ford Focus or Honda Civic?! I don't know what to get! #
  • Water seller outside #Nats park just gave pregnant lady free water. Restores a bit of faith in humanity. #
  • YEAH! #nats @HettyCrist #
  • @siwilso bad planning! Let's organise babysitters next time … #
  • Epic. #Natitude #BeatThePhillies #
  • What about the #Nats game ??!! @mattapuzzo Stayed up to watch 12 Angry Men on TCM. The wife had never seen it. #imold #
  • Beautiful Saturday morning. Off to the office, then. #
  • @RobDotHutton Start at 1. Not for the purists, but it's how Lucas intended. And it worked for my kids – tells more of a story. #
  • @ScottNolanSmith now they're testing the fire alarms. Joy. #
  • @charles_clover and @catherinebelton at their insightful best: #????????? #
  • Good luck to @wellsab1 for tomorrow's launch of @SkyNewsArabia !! #
  • @kklausser BBT not bad kit actually. Easy to hack, too, for region free, if that's your bag. #
  • @Hootsuite keeps crashing every time I schedule a tweet. #vexatious #
  • @kklausser how funny – BBT also a Russian electronics brand. #
  • Except its BBK – So kindly ignore me! :D #shutupbarbour RT @kklausser: @jamesbarbour Oh, wow! No way! That's funny. #
  • Little league lightning delay MT @capitalweather: Shower in NoVa from Arlington to Alexandria. Don't be surprised to see more this aft #
  • So how'd it go?! RT @JJjenningsdc: 13.1. #
  • Woo!!!!! @JJjenningsdc: 2 hours, 11 minutes RT @jamesbarbour So how'd it go?! #
  • Why don't etailers have algorithms for the passage of time? eg Amazon still trying to sell me books my dtr wd have liked 5 yrs ago. #bigidea #

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