Jun 04 2012

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-04

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  • Water in my recently repaired Slava automatic. Grrr. I blame #beryl Top weekend though. #
  • Needed socks at MCO, for #Beryl soaked feet. Loving daughter chose th @ Orlando International Airport (MCO) http://t.co/YGZu78Dy #
  • Worth mentioning, after a weekend of being pushed and shoved in theme park queues, just how good humoured and polite the TSA at MCO are. #
  • Photon walks into hotel. Porter: "Need any help with your bags, sir?" Photon: "It's ok, I'm travelling light." #
  • Belatedly – ta. MT @charlescrawford in 99 I invented e-diplomacy at #FCO Grateful? No @jamesbarbour @andreas212nyc @JimmyTLeach @jduncanFCO #
  • @simond setting the stage for @CharlesCrawford's invention? :D #
  • Neutron stays at the same hotel (as y'day's photon). Raids the minibar, runs up huge tab. Goes to fess up. "Mr Neutron?" "Yes" "No charge." #
  • @kneebe it's been the 'fuel of the future' for at least 30 years – cf this tv ad from my childhood http://t.co/YlcoOVHc #
  • My favourite place in FC – home made desserts and 'ritas to die for … Spotlight: Clare and Don's Beach Shack http://t.co/O1ZzsGnX via… #
  • Kim Cattrall celeb runner in @ukinnewyork's The Great British Run! #BritsandtheCity http://t.co/leWyVau8 via @ChanteuseRousse #
  • Have a love of international relations and the written / spoken word? Come and work with us! http://t.co/AXIGmnmO #
  • I've signed up at #PolyurethaneBushes Sign up and recommend to friends to earn discount vouchers when they launch: http://t.co/fpDbIuZs #
  • @johnny_winter Do they carry anything for a 1974 Dodge Charger? ;) #
  • Also handy for Brits … MT @anupkaphle Mastering the finer points of US slang #thirdworldproblems via @abhabhattarai http://t.co/u4Hqea9i #
  • @redexile Surely it's derived from Northern English "lamp hard", ie to punch vigorously in the face? :D http://t.co/MhOhhYDw #
  • (NB @PWiley87 will attest to this job's awesomeness) Love international relations and the written / spoken word? http://t.co/ytgBkpbQ #
  • Bummed to be missing it :( MT @writeren: See you soon! MT @FvanHovell Looking forward to discussing #DigitalDiplomacy #
  • Flashed at by speed camera. #grrr #
  • First commercial flight of 747-8 lands at Dulles this lunchtime. In the rain, I fear. #
  • And an iPad?! MT @audreygillan: Last night, walking across the Thames, I noticed a skateboard graveyard (plus sneakers) http://t.co/C9TETLM3 #
  • Departing colleague, having a clear-out, has bequeathed me the complete Thick of It box set. I may need to hold a compulsory screening. #
  • Diplomacy is never dull! MT @ska_kongshan: US Amb to Singapore met Lady Gaga last night, Chair of Joint Chiefs this morning #allinadayswork #
  • Twitter: Does it get any better than this? http://t.co/KzleDjoN (I reckon yes, btw – we're just getting started …) #
  • Supposed to be headed to the P-Nats in Woodbridge tonight. So are some hoofing great thunderstorms. #grrr #
  • Superb – I've a book of his political 'toons RT @huffingtonpost Lost Dr. Seuss cartoons from WWII era http://t.co/AC3P2Mtz #cantteachasneech #
  • Finding myself playing the reluctant pedant today. It's exhausting. #
  • @shane_dillon Let me know if it's as bad as the trailer suggests … #
  • Just booked daughter on two week Shakespeare Camp in July. Because 13 year old girls aren't dramatic enough already. #
  • Loving today's @google doodle! #Jubilee #
  • I bet you laugh at funerals too “@james_barbour: I always cry at weddings…” #RockyHorror #
  • Superb pic! MT @tobyharnden: It's HM Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Here's me welcoming her to Stockport for her Silver in 77 http://t.co/6HZhDzOu #
  • Tell us something we didn't know … “@ScottNolanSmith: I'm at Frosting – A Cupcakery (Chevy Chase, MD) http://t.co/l2rI8a48” #
  • @niktwick It's a grim place. Take the train next time! #
  • Ambassador about to do America's News HQ #jubilee (@ Fox News Washington Bureau) http://t.co/IubqxUxY #

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