Aug 27 2012

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-27

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  • Question: does new Amazon Prime iOS app support mirroring? This might finally make it worth subscribing … #
  • Vote for the less wrong lizard … … the wisdom of the late Douglas Adams #
  • Possibly inebriated Orthodox priest allegedly crashes supposedly borrowed diplomatic Bimmer … #PussyRiot #
  • Why is there nowhere in the entire Magic Kingdom to charge your 'phone? #MickeyMouseProblems #
  • while both @HettyCrist and I are on vacation … “@PWiley87: @JJjenningsdc @namyaste What the hell is happening at that office these days??” #
  • But I killed my battery trying to use the fricken Disney app! “@JJjenningsdc: @jamesbarbour I think you mean #PhoneAddictProblems ?? #
  • Just posted a photo @ Epcot #
  • Free iPhone case from ZooGue, via @tuaw: #
  • Guardian on HuffPost Live‘s Nightmare Debut, via Guido: #
  • Forecast for 1534 W Buena Vista Dr, Bay Lake: No Rain for the next 120 minutes. Free at #
  • News from @AP: Samsung ordered to pay Apple $1.5 billion in lawsuit over smartphone technology. #
  • AP reporting Neil Armstrong has died. End of an era. #
  • Lesson: careful who gets the keys …MT @AndrewBloch: Official Spurs feed sums up today's result (& quickly deletes)… #
  • @johnny_winter feels it too, top down on the Interstate mixing it with Semi's and SUVs … #
  • Perfectly put. “@SarcasticRover: The best thing that Neil Armstrong ever did, was to let us all imagine we were him.

    RIS (Rest in Space)” #

  • They were five total strangers, with nothing in common, meeting for the first t @ Universal Studios Florida #
  • Guitar guy playing a slow and maudlin 'Hey Yah'. Impressed. (@ Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville w/ 11 others) #
  • My week on twitter: 2 new followers, 1 mentions. Via: #

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